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The Power of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Video marketing is enjoying shine on most digital channels these days. Especially if you consider Facebook’s recently autoplay video content. With video content you are able to tell a story and get a message across much quicker than audio or text based content. Whether video marketing will work for your business in particular is also dependent on your target audience.

This article will take a look at the benefits of using video content as a marketing tool for small businesses.

Tell Your Story

Video marketing allows your small business to tell their story through visual aesthetics. Whether you are sharing information, the latest happenings in the office or interviews with customers and team members, video marketing will really add credibility to your brand. With video content the viewer gets a glimpse into the life of the company and see them as ‘people’ instead of a ‘faceless’ brand.

The Potential of Going Viral

One of the great benefits for small businesses is the scope of exposure. Even if you are a startup, one brilliant video seen by the right people can really help boost your business. Apart from that, we live in a viral age, where the right type of content, shared on the right platforms at the right time can help your company or product go viral.

Cost Effective

Utilizing video content for marketing purposes is really cost effective. Even if your company is smaller than your average corporate - video marketing has a good ROI. You don’t have to spend thousands on a team of producers, you just need a small team of professionals with the right equipment. Some of the content doesn’t even need to be edited and directed, but only filmed and edited by a skilled videographer.

Create a Connection

If you’ve ever been on Youtube and watched Vloggers talk about their craft, you would know that even though you might be strangers, there is some sort of connection between the vlogger and the viewer. This is the type of relationship that you would like to build with your following and by using video marketing this can be achieved. Of course, it’s necessary to understand what type of video content your audience is after, and why.

Share What Matters

Video marketing enables you to share content that matters to both you and your audience. Instead of having to adhere to television commercial rules or hoping to be featured on another company’s page - you can choose your content. Video marketing gives you the chance to share informative content, create discussions and educate your viewers.


Utilize Video Testimonials

Video testimonial clips are amazing at providing instant credibility, removing doubt, communicating more effectively, attaining massive cut through by presenting real social proof, increasing your professionalism and personalisation.  - Marketing Sweet

Not making use of video marketing in today’s marketplace would be branding suicide. Not only wouldn’t you reach the right audience, but it will make it seem like you don’t understand what is trending within your industry. Use video marketing for informative content, branding, marketing and testimonial content on your website.

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