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Reasons To Use Video Production for Restaurant Promotion

With the rise of social media, check-ins and online reviews, customers are more reluctant to try something out that they haven’t ‘seen’. That is one of the reasons why video production and animation is the ideal addition to your marketing campaign.

Apart from the dining, the restaurant experience is all about the experience. You make use of all your senses within such an intimate, festive experience. As a prospective customer, you would like to know exactly what it’s like to visit the restaurant of choice. How does it feel? What does it sound like? How does it look? And what will you taste?

Video production will allow you to assist customers in this pre-experience by showcasing the interior and exterior, capturing the unique dishes, playing the theme music and take you on a visual journey throughout the restaurant.


The Benefits of Video Marketing:

  • Video Marketing is unique and will help you stand out as a business
  • Video production transfers personality immediately
  • Video promotion is the ideal technological material for all platforms. Users can access video their smartphones as well as their other personal devices.
  • It showcases credibility. Nothing to hide here. Show off your in-house chef’s amazing culinary skills and create immediate interest.
  • People eat with their eyes, and your video will show them where to eat.
  • Active vs Passive. Video production allows for movement and actionability whereas pictures and text are static.

Even though you could create a promotional video yourself, it would be advised to make use of professionals. That way you show your audience that you put emphasis on every aspect of your business, from the divine dishes to the external marketing. Find a creator that will understand your vision and work alongside you to create a remarkable product.

A company such as ISNING, LLC will assist you in the video product process. As a restaurant owner, you would make use of video production in addition to your other promotional content. You can choose in which style you want to portray your setting, which dishes, angles and decor should be the focus. Choose what it is that you want to sell and with the assistance of ISNING, LLC you can make this picture come to life.

At ISNING LLC, we help clients craft smart video marketing campaigns that will leave your audience wanting, even craving, more. We understand that time is money and that most business owners have little time to spare. Our goal with every client and every quote is to make the process fast, easy and fun.

We would like to assist you from the process of brainstorming to post-production to assure that your marketing is original and unique. Whether your restaurant is set in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, La Quinta or Indio - we are aimed at providing the services you need.

It’s as easy as requesting a quote for our services, or call Isning Gamez at 760-610-4106.

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