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Professional Corporate Photography

An important part of a company's website are professional headshots of the senior executives and any other key team members. By including these, you're putting a personal touch on your business and letting your customers know that the company is made up of real people who genuinely care about their clients.

But what's the best way to set these professional executive portraits? You might think you can just hand one of your colleagues a camera and have them snap a picture, but amateur snapshots tend to look just that--amateur. Even the fanciest camera money can buy can't take a great executive headshot all by itself! And since ”amateur” is certainly not the impression you want to give your cli ents, let professional corporate photographer Isning Gamez take those headshots for you. He'll make sure your portraits convey just the right tone for your business.

How a Great Corporate
Photograph is Created

AS with all of Isning Gamez's projects, the very first step is to get together and decide exactly what you want to see in your company photographs. Isning will ask several questions.

What is your corporate philosophy?

What kind of business do you run? Is it a conservative financial vices office, with a more formal atmosphere? Or is it a fun new tech company with a more casual tone? The setting and style of your business photographs will need to reflect the attitude of the company to send an accurate message.

What types of photos are you interested in?

Do you simply need headshots of the executive team? Or would you also like to include candid photos of your employees at work? Perhaps you’d like a portrait of your entire team standing in front of your office building, or in the board room. Planning these shots in advance will help avoid confusion and delays on the day of the photo shoot.

What is the purpose of the pictures?

Where do you plan to display these photos? Are they strictly Internet, or will you be including them in newsletters as well? Maybe: even want a framed photo of the team to hang in the lobby. These are all factors that will affect the way the portraits are taken and processed.

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Preparing for Your Business Photography Shoot

There are also some things you can do to prepare for Here are your business photo shoot. to keep some tips in mind:

Dress appropriately

Remember, this photograph is going to represent both you and your company, so you'll want to look the part! Try to avoid wearing either solid black or solid white, as these colors tend to be a bit more difficult to work with. Jewelry should be relatively small so that it doesn't become distracting.

Set the stage

If the photos will be taken in your own office space, designate a specific area as temporary studio. Take any pictures off the wall, move any distracting furniture or decorations out of the way, and set up chair or stool for people to sit on while their photo is being taken.

Successful photos include so much more than a fancy camera, and professional corporate photographer Isning Gamez knows this better than anyone. His extensive imaging skills have earned him multiple awards, including several Emmys. If you want the perfect business photographs of yourself and your team, contact Isning Gamez today.

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