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Video Testimonials and How to Feature Them On Your Website

Video content is a significant way for any brand to tell their story. It’s about showcasing what makes you different and doing so on a platform that really connects the subject to its audience. With video content we people pick up sincerity and feel like the interaction is more personal.

Apart from promoting your business with video content, you can also allow your loyal customers and clients to promote and recommend your business with this strategy.

Video Testimonials as a Promotion Tool

As mentioned before, there are other ways to utilize this medium that blowing your own company’s horn. The best way for prospective clients to find your brand credible is by hearing what others have to say. This is where video testimonials prove to be very successful.

Think of them as a moving, visual reviews. Instead of your happy customer or client just writing a few words about how ‘special’ your product is, they are now taking it a step further by connecting their face (their identity) to your brand.

Of course, when it comes to video testimonials they can be showcased by using many methods. Some might feature short snippets of customer experience clips and others may film an entire backstory of a particular customer through video interviews etc.


How to Use Video Testimonials on Your Website

Collecting testimonials might seem daunting, but some brands explain that they ended up needing less content than they initially expected. It all comes down to how powerful the story or testimony is.

No matter the type of testimonial, it’s important to get the numbers right. Featuring too many text of visual based testimonials can also come across desperate. Chances are that the view might only read/play one of two from the selection. These videos should help them decide and not confuse and distract them from ordering your services or buying your products.

Video testimonials should be easy to access on your front page, and it shouldn’t be placed too far from your call to action buttons. What is equally important is that good video quality, great sound and a video that’s quick to load. Internet users are used to a certain standard and featuring below par video testimonials will do more damage than good.

Software such as Boast will help you to display video content on your website through an embedded code. Clients can upload their testimonials to the website, and once a video testimonial is submitted your company will be able to review it. This way you simplify the testimonial collection process.

Harnessing video testimonials as a part of your marketing strategy is a great tool in showcasing your company’s success and allowing your loyal following to make their voices heard.


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