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Things to Consider When Filming a Video Testimonial

So you’ve decided to start featuring video testimonials as a part of your content strategy, but now what? There are certain things to consider when filming a video testimonial, and this article will help you take into account these considerations.

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Will You Provide Value?

It’s paramount to create content that will be adding value to your clients or customers. As a company you aren’t only providing a service or selling a product, but you want to be adding value to the industry. Empty content will only expose that you are trying to gain traffic, so choose the right topic and make sure you reach your end goal.

Choose The Right Approach

Video testimonials can be shot in a variety of ways. Some individuals take home videos and sends it to the company to review, other companies recruit people that have a lot of experience with the brand, or ask new clients to share their experience.

You can choose to feature small clips of approval with an advertorial tone, or have your subject answer interview type questions, or even film an entire backstory of the client. The angle you choose will be determined by what your audience will find appealing and informative.

Scripted or Freestyle Content

Depending on your subject, the video testimonial could either be filmed without preparation and structure, or it could be scripted. Many times this comes down to what the client/customer feels comfortable with, some individuals have a great story to tell, but when they aren’t prepared beforehand, that story doesn’t come across as powerful.


Find the Right Location

The setting of your video testimonial can be just as vital to the overall message as the words being spoken. The setting will add to the look and feel of the video and will also expose the budget that you available. Luckily there are many ways to shoot a video professionally without having to rent out an entire office building. Find a setting that reflects the company culture as well as the message you are trying to convey.

Create Variety in the Shots

If it’s possible, try to shoot the video testimonials from different angles, cut in between scenes for feature more than subject .The viewer might get bored when having to view a testimonial that is predictable and without surprise - and that will your brand from reaching the end goal - which is to entertain and influence the audience.

Is the Message Credible?

In order for video testimonials to be successful it has to be credible. With video content viewers are after authenticity. Selecting the right individual to be filmed is the first step in portraying what is credible. That means sometimes posing a problem that users had with a product, but showing how the company found a solution and took action. Video testimonials are only influential if they show ‘humanity’.

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