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How Video Marketing Can Help Your SEO Efforts

The practice of search and research has been changed quite a bit over the last few years. Where it used to be extremely difficult to find video content, with blended search, it is now a complete different ball game. And it seems that many small businesses aren’t aware of the tremendous influence video marketing could have on your SEO ranking.

This article takes a look at how video marketing can boost your SEO efforts.

Kissmetrics explains the change that Google Penguin and the Panda updates had on the way websites are ranked. It’s not just about building links in any way possible, but rather about sharing high-quality content that will attract users and visitors in a natural way.

Boost the Time Spent on a Web Page

Even though we don’t understand exactly how the search engine rankings algorithm works, we know the time spent on a web page does play a role. Time spent on text based pages are much less than those with interactive, visual or video content.

“An explainer video placed above the fold on your website boosts visit times by 2 minutes on average. The number may seem like a small increase but actually going from 8 seconds to 2 minutes equals an amazing 1500% boost!”. - YumYum Videos

Target the Right Search Engine

Another reason why video marketing is the way to go is the current search trends. When you are trying to improve your SEO rankings you need to understand ‘where’, in other words, which search engines and tools your audience will use to find your content. Featuring video content on Youtube will lead to your brand being thoroughly represented in Youtube’s rankings as well.

“Just behind its father, Google, YouTube, is currently the world’s 2nd largest search engine and 3rd biggest social network”.

Embed Your Videos on Your Company Blog

Keep in mind that you don’t want to drive traffic away from your website. Even if you have millions of YouTube views, you still need to direct your audience to your product or service and specific call to action buttons. Featuring your YouTube video on your website and your blog will keep the visitors on the page. Also list your website details on your YouTube page, and make sure these details are easy to find and navigate.

Keep Conversion in Mind

Even though the initial goal might be to have a high ranking on Google, the ultimate goal is still to generate leads and conversions. Video marketing should be incorporated in the rest of your marketing strategy, and all channels should lead to the same ‘sea’, which is your company website, blog or ecommerce site.

Use video marketing as another tool to inspire engagement, boost your company website in the rankings, and entice users to get involved with your brand whether is through making sales or ordering your services.

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