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How To Market Casinos With Video

As a casino owner, your goal is to attract visitors who come for a good time and who hope to win some money. You want to make sure that the time they spend with you is fun and exciting, even if they do not break the house bank. Your target audience is those who want the whole experience and who will come in search of a relaxing time.

How To Reach Your Audience

A short well-produced video that presents a trip to the casino as an escape from day-to-day life and an exciting way to spend a few days is a versatile way to present your venue on a variety of platforms. Reinforcing branding through creative imagery and powerful storylines brings concepts to new dimensions while actively engaging viewers for positive results.

Isning LLC can help you capture and present your message by producing a professional video. Offering award-winning video production services, we know how to focus your message in a way that is successful in the casino industry – just as we did for our client Cahuilla Casino.

Recently, Isning LLC partnered with KMIR to produce a branding concept for Cahuilla Casino. By incorporating KMIR's sales person Steve Boyer and popular employees of Cahuilla Casino, Isning was able to create a branding campaign that delivered a message of fun and excitement in an entertaining place surrounded by familiar faces.

Promote Your Casino Venue With Video

Recent studies by Forrester Research make it clear that videos lead to organic first page rankings on Google 50 times more than traditional text pages. This means that visitors who Google “casinos” in your area are likely to find you even if they did not type your name in the search box. Videos on your site and ones that have been promoted via social media remain in cyberspace forever, so your investment in an effective, professional video will continue to work for you for years into the future.

Since videos are so powerful and long-lasting, it is worth your time and money to invest in a quality production that people will see when they visit your website and that, more importantly, it is accessible on sites that command traffic and rank high in the SERPs. You want to be on YouTube and on popular review sites such as Trip Advisor and Yelp.

Ranking high on these sites comes organically once you create a video and post it in the right places where people will see it. You cannot buy your way to a higher ranking on any of these sites, so how you market the video is as important as having a great video in the first place.


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Creating and properly publicizing a video might sound complicated, but the way to do it is simple. Contact Isning Gamez for award-winning video production and marketing services. At Isning LLC, we know how to craft video marketing campaigns that respect your time and money while producing excellent results. With every client and every quote, we strive to make the process FAST, EASY, and FUN. Working together, we will THINK BIG creatively and then THINK SMART about the strategies of the best value for your money as we create a video that will turn heads, attract customers, and boost sales.

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