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How to Implement Video Marketing on All Your Brand Channels

As with many things in life, there is no one way to go about something. Creating a marketing strategy for your business comes down to trial and error and understanding which audience you are targeting.

Utilizing video marketing as a part for your branding strategy stretches further than just having a Youtube channel. It’s about using all the channels and platforms to your disposal in unison by showcasing your brand’s ability to communicate through a variety of mediums.


Where to Implement a Video Marketing Strategy:

Company Website

Featuring video testimonials on your website will do wonders for social proof and credibility. Make sure that these videos can be viewed close to the call to action buttons on your website. It should be easy to load the video and clicking on the link shouldn’t take you away from the website.

Video testimonials will leave your viewers with a lasting impression of your company. Make sure the videos are relevant to the pages that they are featured on, especially if the video refers to specific services or products.

Social Media

The influence of social media in the successful marketing is undeniable. Some platforms are more aimed at content sharing, others on visuals and the rest on text - but as the social sphere has evolved, video content has become a main feature on most social media platforms.

Youtube: This is the ideal channel to sort and list your video content. Whether it’s interviews, testimonials or advertisements. Youtube enables you to sort your uploaded content according to playlists. Think of Youtube as your video library and sort them according to topic, type or interest.

Facebook: Facebook is known to be one of the go-to places for people to find reviews. Your company page could already feature a rating section, but you can further influence the viewer with autoplay video content. Schedule your video testimonials to be shared on Facebook as a part of the marketing and use this platform to create engagement and discussion.

Make use of shorter Facebook short videos that summarize content that’s already featured on your blog, which will also drive traffic back to your website.

LinkedIn: This is a platform where the type of content you feature really counts. The audience is business-focused and is hoping to learn more about your company. Here you should feature professional company content.

Email Marketing

Video content should feature as a part of your email marketing campaign as well. What works well in this regard is informative, educational content that teaches the viewer how to make use of your products and services. Video content and testimonials can be shared in your newsletters as well as initial subscription confirmation.

These are just some of the ways in which you can utilize video content on a variety of platforms. Always keep your audience in mind, what will spark their interest and have them share your content with their following?

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