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Are you launching a new company and need to brand it? Or perhaps you already have a branding strategy but it's time for an overhaul. No matter what your branding needs are, Isning Gamez is the man for the job.

Even if you have no idea where to begin, he will be able to come up with the perfect strategy for your company. Just take a look at Isning's extensive portfolio to see what he can do! 

What Is Branding?

Especially if you're just starting out in the business world, the concept of "branding" can be a little confusing. You might think that it just means designing a logo and placing it on all of your marketing materials, but that's not true at all.

In a nutshell, effective branding means that the public will recognize your company at a glance. A recognizable logo is certainly part of it, but it's by no means the entire strategy. As an example, think of the retail chain Target: with their unique red-and-white bull's-eye logo, distinctive red décor in all of their stores, and even the red-and-khaki employee uniforms, the Target brand is immediately recognizable. Isning Gamez can create a branding strategy for you that is just as distinctive and effective.

The Creative Process

Even if you haven't the faintest idea of where to begin creating a branding strategy, Isning Gamez can help you figure it out. He'll walk you through the entire creative process, including:

  • Defining Your Brand: It might help to think of a few adjectives that describe your business and go from there. This way, you'll know what aspect of your company to focus on when coming up with a complete campaign.
  • Determining Your Target Audience: What group or demographic are you hoping to attract with your new branding strategy? Knowing who your customer base is going to be will be key in creating a successful brand. 
  • Developing a Personality: What tone will you be using in your communications? Formal and businesslike, or casual and friendly? 
  • Designing a Logo: Of course you'll need a company logo! A logo is not the entire branding strategy but it's definitely a very important part of it. Isning Gamez will design a logo that is memorable, distinctive, and clearly communicates your brand.

Implementing Your New Branding Strategy

A new branding campaign won't be successful if it isn't implemented effectively. Isning Gamez can take care of implementation from beginning to end, including designing new letterhead and business cards, producing videos to explain your new strategy to customers and employees alike, and completely redesigning your website. When it comes to branding, consistency is key, so parceling these jobs out to multiple companies would be a mistake. Isning Gamez can do the entire job from beginning to end, bringing your vision to life and making sure that your strategy is cohesive.

Whether you need a branding campaign for a brand-new company or it's time to overhaul your existing strategy, contact Isning Gamez to schedule a consultation and get started today!

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